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As America’s community partner, One CommunityUSA’s comprehensive, cause-minded community programs for education, safety, income and asset building, health, employment, civic engagement, safety and advocacy create a stronger America.

Foundation of Trust

The One CommunityUSA | Foundation of Trust is a comprehensive, curriculum-based program conducted in a classroom setting that rebuilds bridges of trust between citizens and first responders. It brings real-world applications of community-specific social and safety issues into classrooms with an emphasis on initiatives that instill and encourage such critical elements as fairness, integrity, human dignity and community trust.

Kickstart Kids®

One CommunityUSA and Kickstart Kids (KSK) have joined forces to incorporate weekly participation of a first responder into the KSK classroom creating an environment for positive interaction, better understanding and trust. The strategic partnership is designed to enhance mutual respect between the students, their families and first responders working in the neighborhoods they serve ultimately creates safer schools and more secure communities. 

One CommunityUSA | Reentry Second Chance

This second chance program uses mentorships led by first responders and other civic leaders to help men, women and young adults successfully reenter the workforce and become productive leaders within their families and their communities. Providing much greater depth than more common 30- to 180-day programs, this reentry initiative incorporates 18-month-long volunteer mentorships led by first responders, educators, government and industry leaders and the faith-based community. Relationships that are often confrontational are transformed into productive partnerships. Former inmates are better prepared to reenter society equipped with the skills and support needed to be productive law-abiding citizens and ambassadors-of-hope in their neighborhoods. The result is an expected recidivism rate of less than 10% – a stark contrast from the national average of 75%-95%.

One CommunityUSA | Nancy Lieberman Charities

This strategic partnership and its suite of structured, meaningful programs – with the assistance of first responders and other civic leaders – provides educational and sports opportunities for area youth living in underserved communities. Dream Courts® are state-of-the-art basketball courts that provide an ideal environment for first responders and local youth to interact through sports and mentorship. Our Reach One/Teach One℠ scholarship program awards a $10K scholarship to five high school students in underserved communities who complete a one-year community-focused curriculum led by first responders, civic leaders, One CommunityUSA and Nancy Lieberman Charities. The T.J. Cline Basketball Camps offer instructional leadership, skill training and fun to area youth summer camps.

Shop Talk℠

One CommunityUSA ™ | Shop Talk program builds on a dynamic and successful community engagement project initiated by the Irving TX PD and formalized by One CommunityUSA. We understand the essential role in creating a sense of community and building relationships that happens in neighborhood barber shops and beauty salons, particularly in the African American community. Shop Talk establishes open lines of communication, changes attitudes and increases trust between first responders, shop owners and their customers. Impact to the community: everyone working together towards a common goal of safer and more secure neighborhoods.

Community Learning Center™

The One CommunityUSA | Community Learning Center is a safe, secure after-school facility where students can gather after school, on holidays breaks and during summer vacation to do their homework, read and receive tutoring. This unique public/private partnership between One CommunityUSA, apartment building owners and the first responder community provides children living in underserved communities with additional educational resources to thrive and achieve a brighter future.

Community First

The One CommunityUSA | Community First initiatives are designed to bring unity back into communities. Family-focused activities create much-needed opportunities for citizens and first responders to build bridges of understanding and trust. We are always developing new programs to introduce to communities.

Coalition of American Heroes

An alliance of first responders and superhero citizens willing and ready to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed.

Power of One

Public figures and first responders convene a town hall-style lecture to discuss relevant social and political issues.

Beat The Heat

Community leaders, first responders and volunteers pay it forward – distributing water and sports drinks to help beat the summer heat.

Community First | Unity Through Sports

Run With Heroes

Superhero citizens and first responders run and walk together in a sign of mutual support and unity.

Putting With Heroes

Children are paired with hero first responders and golf pros in spirited friendly putting competitions.

Baseball With Heroes

Citizens and first responders celebrate our country while watching America’s favorite game.

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